Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services offered by MC Cleaning
“their communication and administration support is nothing short of excellent”
- Office Manager

Our office cleaning services embrace all aspects of office cleaning. From routine daily tasks such as dusting, vacuuming and toilet cleaning to washroom hygiene and periodic deep cleaning, carpet care, window cleaning and sanitising of telephones and desk top computer equipment. The provision of office cleaning services will be tailored to your business premises and flexible to meet your individual needs.

At Moorland Contract Cleaning, particular emphasis is placed on staff selection and training. We place great importance on the establishment of close working relationships with our customers and staff.

The regular cleaning of your office equipment, furniture and facilities will increase its longevity of appearance and inspire a greater sense of wellbeing within your staff. Well-presented business premises will underpin a highly professional image to your customers and visitors.

Retail & Shopping Centres

Retail & Shopping Centre Cleaning

“We are extremely happy with the cleaning service they provide and really appreciate the quality, flexibility and enthusiasm the cleaning staff bring to our team”
- Facilities Co-ordinator

Moorland Contract Cleaning is experienced in providing cleaning services to individual retailers, shopping centres, national chains and supermarkets whether out of town, on the high street or within a shopping centre complex.

The sales area of any retail business is the main focal point for your customers. Good cleaning standards will enhance the overall presentation of your merchandise and will reinforce to your customers your professional image and your commitment to providing them with the best possible shopping experience.

Where facilities such as cafes and toilets are provided, Moorland Contract Cleaning will provide the highest possible standards of hygiene.

Our aim is to ensure that your retail premises are clean, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your customers and staff at all times.

Educational Establishments

Educational Establishments

We clean schools, colleges and universities
“a cost effective and flexible solution to our cleaning requirements”
- Bursar

We know that educational establishments offer a unique set of challenges and therefore requires a very flexible approach to cleaning. Finding a reliable, local and experienced cleaning company in which you can place your trust from both a management and staffing point of view is very important.

Moorland Contract Cleaning has the necessary experience and understanding to meet those challenges to ensure that the appropriate cleaning systems, specifications and schedules are put in place to provide you with a clean school which is important to you, your pupils, staff, parents and visitors.

Moorland Contract Cleaning depends on its staff to help us provide the highest possible levels of service and this can only be achieved by ensuring that our staff are trained, monitored and supported. All staff assigned to educational establishments are subject to DBS checks.

Car Showrooms

Car Showroom Cleaning

“The team of cleaners are pleasant, efficient and willing to be flexible at a moment’s notice which is important to us”
- Property Manager

Moorland Contract Cleaning understands that appearance is everything in your car showroom as your customers have very high expectations when purchasing a new car. Your showroom needs to be cleaned to the highest standard to provide the perfect backdrop for your cars.

Where facilities such as cafes and toilets are provided, the highest possible standards of hygiene are essential.

The showroom area is the main focal point of your premises and is where your customers will spend most of their time. Immaculate floors, fixtures and fittings will project the right image for your showroom.

Warehouse & Industrial Premises

Warehouse & Industrial Premises Cleaning

“The management team of Moorland Contract Cleaning keep in regular contact and deal with any queries very promptly”
- Director

Our commercial and industrial cleaning services are carried out in a wide range of industrial premises from manufacturing units to distribution centres. Moorland Contract Cleaning will provide flexible staffing to support the peaks and troughs of your business activities whilst maintaining the highest standards at all times.

We fully recognise the need of logistics-based business centres to keep operations flowing, often under pressure of deadlines. Moorland Contract Cleaning has a proven track record of cleaning distribution and storage facilities cost effectively, whilst enabling our customers to maintain continuous operations by integrating our services seamlessly into their 24 hour activities.

With large numbers of employees, often working shift patterns, the maintenance of cleaning standards throughout your facilities is important to their health and wellbeing.

Additional Services

  • Periodic and one-off cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Janitorial products and washroom services
  • Specialist floor improvement and care

All our cleaning services are delivered to an agreed specification at a highly competitive price. Moorland Contract Cleaning operates with transparent costing policies so that you can budget accurately for your cleaning requirements. It is our aim at all times to remove any element of surprise.

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