How we work

Our Head Office is located in North Staffordshire and is ideally placed to support our customers located throughout the Midlands and Yorkshire. Our philosophy and management approach to commercial cleaning services enables us to achieve consistently high standards regardless of geographical location.

It’s all about detail

At Moorland Contract Cleaning we focus on achieving excellent standards in our commercial cleaning services through attention to detail. Having surveyed the type and design of your commercial premises and the nature of the activities or work being carried out within them, we undertake detailed scheduling of cleaning tasks on a minute by minute basis. This means that you can be assured of optimum staffing levels to carry out the cleaning with cleaning staff working to systematic cleaning plans.

The cleaning systems and equipment used by Moorland Contract Cleaning will always be appropriate to your premises and the activities undertaken within them.

Consistency of our cleaning services is achieved by our onsite cleaning staff working to clearly defined methods and procedures which are monitored by our management team. This means that you can be assured of optimum staffing levels to carry out the cleaning with our staff working to systematic cleaning plans.

Our Greatest Asset

Our Greatest Asset

We know that our cleaning staff are our greatest asset. Moorland Contract Cleaning therefore depends on its staff to achieve the highest possible levels of service to enable us to keep our promise to you.  This can only be achieved through selective recruitment, quality training, documented procedures, methods and monitoring systems. Our management ethos is based on the provision of clear leadership and direction to staff to provide them with:

  • Training tailored to their individual needs
  • A supportive management approach
  • A challenging yet motivating work environment
  • A safe working environment
  • A positive culture
  • Competitive rates of pay, terms and conditions
  • Career development opportunities

Mobile Relief Cleaners

Mobile Relief Cleaners

Moorland Contract Cleaning operates with highly experience mobile relief cleaners to provide cover for all planned and unplanned absences at all our customer locations.

Operating from company vehicles, this important team ensures that our service levels are continually maintained and we can respond rapidly to any staffing issues that may arise or to provide additional cleaning resource which may be required.

This team plays a very important part in ensuring that we deliver on our commitment and promises to our customers.


Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE)

In many situations when a contract changes from one service provider to another, TUPE will apply. In our experience, TUPE can cause concern for some of our customers but as we have a thorough understanding of the Regulations, we will manage the process throughout the changeover to reassure staff that their transfer to Moorland Contract Cleaning will be carried out in a considerate, professional and timely manner.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Moorland Contract Cleaning recognises that in order to provide and maintain high quality service levels, effective quality procedures are necessary to ensure that we give our customers confidence on our ability to deliver our services to consistently meet their needs and expectations.

Continuous improvement

Moorland Contract Cleaning is committed to a policy of continuous improvement through training, development and the implementation of new cleaning systems and technologies.

Our partnership approach with our suppliers enables us to keep up to date with technologies and product innovations.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Health and Safety training and instruction is provided not only to ensure that our employees are able to work efficiently and safely but also to comply with statutory requirements and our Health and Safety policy.  At Moorland Contract Cleaning we believe our Health and Safety policy should work in harmony with our customers

Our Health and Safety policy provides our cleaning staff with a formal and structured approach to their work and co-ordinates with the site specific documentation e.g. risk assessments, COSHH risk assessments, safe working methods and approved codes of practice.  Moorland Contract Cleaning is pro-active in ensuring all staff are aware of their responsibilities through induction training and on-going training and monitoring

Environmentally Responsible

Environmentally Responsible

We recognise that the services we provide have both a direct and indirect impact on the environment.  We are committed to:

  • Minimising waste by evaluating our operational activities and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • Minimising toxic emissions through the careful selection and use of company vehicles.
  • Actively promoting recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.
  • Sourcing and using product ranges to minimise our environmental impact.
  • Meeting or exceeding all the environmental legislation that relates to our business activities.

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